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Have you ever noticed when applying your makeup you can see a lot of texture through your foundation, or does it make look a little too cakes or even flaky? Maybe that's just not the only issue. Since a lot of us have been stuck inside the house during quarantine, not many of us wear much makeup anymore. So have you ever noticed that maybe you might again face the same issues when you do try to apply makeup?

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My Little Lash Secret Put down the lash glue because we have something that is much more easier and better for your natural lashes! Your natural lashes will thank you after you make this life changing switch. Do you every come across these issues when using regular lash glue? Do you struggle with applying lashes? Do you struggle wearing your lash comfortably? Is your lash glue waterproof? Does your glue get stuck in your lash hairs? Do you ever pull out your own lash hairs? Does it take forever for your lash glue to get tacky? You must be asking,...

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