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Take Control Of Your Beauty

My Little Lash Secret

Put down the lash glue because we have something that is much more easier and better for your natural lashes! Your natural lashes will thank you after you make this life changing switch.

Do you every come across these issues when using regular lash glue?

  • Do you struggle with applying lashes?

  • Do you struggle wearing your lash comfortably?

  • Is your lash glue waterproof?

  • Does your glue get stuck in your lash hairs?

  • Do you ever pull out your own lash hairs?

  • Does it take forever for your lash glue to get tacky?

You must be asking, is this the magnetic eyelash glue? Well this is not, unlike the magnetic lashes, you can use our magic eyeliner with any lash you want! 

We have the #1 solution just for you. Our beautiful blinged incased eyeliner is magical because it works as a two in one. It works as an eyeliner and as a lash adhesive for false lashes. The beauty of our Magic Eyeliner is how easy and beginner friendly it is. We want everyone to discover how easy and beautiful this Magic Eyeliner will make you feel. 

This little magic pen will help you when you're in a rush to leave the house, or even when you're out in public. Need to quickly reapply your lashes? Turn heads and have the queens gasp when they watch you apply your lashes in public like nothing! With the precise tip, you can take control with confidence. So get rid of that lash glue because this will be a total game changer.

As Simple As 1 2 3

You must wonder how easy is this Magic Eyeliner really?

  1. Grab your favorite pair of lashes

  2. Then correctly size your lashes to your eye shape

  3. Grab your Magic Eyeliner of your choice and apply onto of your eye lid and apply your lash directly on top of the adhesive.

There you have it! It is really that easy.🥰

How To Size Your Lashes

There are plenty of ways you can size your lashes to fit your eyes. But remember everyones eyelids are a different shape and you will need to learn to size your lashes to fit to your specific eye shape. I promise once you nail this skill down, every time you apply lashes it will feel like second nature. First begin with grabbing a pair of lash that you feel comfortable wearing, this could mean something simple and natural or it could even be full and wild.

The next step will be extremely important because this will determine how the lashes will make your overall eye look. Pay close attention to which lash you will start with first. Most lashes have an inner corner and an outer corner. The inner corner will have a tapered end and the outer corner will look very blunt. Once you determined your left and right lash lets prepare for the next step.

Make sure you have cosmetic scissors and a pair of tweezers ready. Next WITHOUT lash adhesive, slowly line up your lash on your eyelid. Put the tapered end at the start of your natural lash hairs, then slowly align the rest of your false lash band towards the end of your natural lash hairs.

Once you've found the perfect alignment for your false lashes, remove them from your eyelids. With the remaining lash hairs that did not align, use the cosmetic scissor to cut off the excess band (On the blunt side).  

Then continue the same process for you second lash. This is important too because your other eye is a different shape and/or size from your first eye that you had aligned with your first lash. 

Lastly coat your lashes with our dazzling Rose Quartz Mascara. Then grab that beautiful Magic Eyeliner and draw out where you want your lashes to go. (The adhesive will go right above your natural lashes) Then with your lashes that you had prepared, apply the lash band directly on top of the adhesive. Make sure you apply pressure during this process so that your lashes are secured. 

The Magic Touch

To finish up the final touches, once you had applied both lashes and coated your lashes with mascara. Simply pinch your lashes to your false lashes. This will create a beautiful illusion that will allow your natural lashes blend with the false lashes. There you have it! the perfect lash look.🥳



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