The #1 step to do before wearing makeup!

The #1 step to do before wearing makeup!

 The secret you must know before wearing makeup!

Just like anyone in 2021 I have an obsession with makeup. From full glam to a simple everyday look! But there has always been a secret not everyone talks about. Yes, I am talking about a skincare routine but! not just washing your face with Luke warm water and a good cleanser for your skin and pores. There is something so much more crucial that must be done during this process. But before I tell you immediately, have you ever noticed when applying your makeup you can see a lot of texture through your foundation, or does it make look a little too cakes or even flaky? Maybe that's just not the only issue. Since a lot of us have been stuck inside the house during quarantine, not many of us wear much makeup anymore. So have you ever noticed that maybe you might again face the same issues when you do try to apply makeup?

Well, I have the answer for you and how to simply solve that! Not everyone thinks about this but it is very crucial when taking care of your skin and then wearing makeup. What I love to say is that when you paint, you need to pre your canvas. Nice clean slate. So make sure you remember to EXFOLIATE! when I just want barely little to no makeup on, exfoliating makes up for not wearing a full coverage makeup look!

The reason I exfoliate before any makeup look is that I notice a huge difference when not exfoliating and exfoliating the night before or maybe the morning of. My face feels light and soft. My skin can also have a natural glow! So I do experience very dry skin around my nose area, a little around my cheekbones and chin. so exfoliating will remove the dead skin and give me a clean flat surface when it comes to my makeup routine. Much easier to work with!

Here are some benefits when it comes to EXFOLIATING! 

  1. Exfoliation creates a natural glowing complexion. 
  2. Exfoliation can help improve our moisturizer work effectively. 
  3. Exfoliation prepares our skin for wearing makeup.
  4. Exfoliation helps unclog our pores.
  5. Exfoliation revitalizes the skin. (so its a secret ant-aging trick)
  6. Exfoliating helps smoothing the skin.
  7. Exfoliation is great not only for our face but even our body!
  8. Exfoliation helps prepare the skin even for a self-tanning.
  9. Exfoliating can also remove dead skin EW!

How To Exfoliate Your Face

Exfoliating your skin at home is simple! The most ideal approach to prepare for exfoliating your face is to ensure you're beginning with a clean face. Other wise you're simply rubbing the dirt and grim around your face!

Once your skin is clean, apply a gentle exfoliant. There is no need for any special tools, just apply with your fingers. Then to gently rub in all the cracks and crevasses where dirt tends accumulate more. For example on and around your nose, your forehead, etc.

Then simply wash it off with warm water. Now that your skin is exfoliated, don’t forget the rest of your beauty routine! Products like serums  and moisturizer are always much more effective when used on clean, well-exfoliated skin.


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