About Us

Impacting The Community 

Dzyerlux was founded in 2019 by Malia D'zyer Rodriguez. With a pure ambition of building a brand built around the idea to have individuals feeling confident with their own beauty. Selflove is primary when it comes to an individual exquisiteness. Once an individual is unconditionally unapologetic about how they feel about themselves, it is a total gamechanger. Then comes the icing on the cake, makeup enhances all your stunning features. As a company, we push each individual to tap into their creativity and give them an extra push of confidence. 

" When I encounter someone who doubts themselves, I attempt to understand the individual more by communicating one on one. Then I encourage that person to pursue what they want to achieve. Depending on what look they want to execute, I strive my best to supply knowledge, techniques, and skills. As well as providing the right tools for that individual to feel confident in wearing our product. Everyone deserves to feel their absolute best, no matter their situation."


Dzyerlux is more than just a cosmetic brand. Dzyerlux is here to empower, inspire, and have each individual feel utterly confident and gorgeous when using our products. Dzyerlux provides products intending to stand out from other cosmetic businesses. Malia puts each thought and reasoning on why the products are the way they are. For example, Dzyerlux signature color is pastel pink. The reasoning is because the color pink is universal for the love of oneself and others. 

"For as long as I could remember, I have always seemed to inspire and influence others. Simply being positive and encouraging other girls to truly feel good about themselves. But it all starts with self-love and showing love to others by bringing each other up and never bringing them down."


"Dzyerlux was founded in late 2019 from an idea and artistic ability I contain. But my journey really started in 2016 when I discovered makeup and I was a beginner and I was absolutely terrible, but with practice and time. I eventually perfected my craft, even today I am still learning new techniques and skills. Throughout high school, I offered my service as a makeup artist. I had clients for Homecoming, Prom, and Special events. Then encountering a common question from others. "How can I achieve this look at home?" and "where can I find high-quality products for affordable prices?" After each client, they radiate confidence and was completely obsessed with themselves. Then the idea to discover a way to answer those questions began. By researching, envisioning, and producing my own products. I was 17, turning 18 when I created the first sketches and blueprints for Dzyerlux. I was blessed with the motivation and support of my boyfriend and encouraging me to pursue my dreams. I started investing in the birth of my company. The first products to launch were lip-glosses and those became extremely popular. I could not keep up with the sales, luckily with the assistance of labor from my boyfriend, then began the start of Dzyerlux."

Why The Name?

Malia D'zyer Rodriguez is the founder's full name. With her middle name pronounced as "Desire." The spelling is special and is meaningful from her parents. With only removing the apostrophe and including "Lux" from "Luxury" because as a company we provide a luxury quality with reasonable pricing. Then birthed DZYERLUX